My Monday Reviews for August, 2021….and Covid

My Monday Reviews for August,  2021….and Covid

With so many people fully vaccinated, things are really looking up.  I was so thankful for my second shot of the vaccine that I could have cried.  I am still washing my hands, still social distancing (although not to the extreme any longer), and still wearing a mask when shopping.  This is not just for my own benefit, but for others who are not as fortunate as I am.  I know that this is will change, but for now, still better safe than sorry.

Moving on….below are my Monday reviews for August.  As you know, my Mondays are usually reserved for books within a series, but not always.  There are many more books I’ll be reading in August, and there will probably be more stand-alone than series books.

Of course you’ll have to check out my blog throughout the month to see if I enjoyed them or not…. My blog has many more reviews, and if you’d like a recommendation, feel free to ask!

Remember, #keepreading and #staysafe…oh and please #wearamask #getyourshot

The Night Hawks (Ruth Galloway #13)

The Night Hawks by Elly Griffiths (Published June, 2021)

The 13th in the Ruth Galloway series has some amateur metal detectorists finding more than treasure.

Elly Griffiths is a British author.



A Cut for a Cut (Detective Kate Young #2)A Cut for A Cut by Carol Wyer (Published June, 2021)

The 2nd in the Detective Kate Young series has Kate and the team trying to find a serial rapist and murderer, who is carving “MINE” in the backs of his victims.

Carol Wyer is a British author.



Hunted Girl (Rachel Ryder, #2)

Hunted Girl by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson (Published June 2021)

The 2nd in the Detective Rachel Ryder series has Rachel and Rob investigating the suicide of a family friend of Rob’s.  It seems to have links to Rachel’s past.

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is an American author.



The Faceless Man (DI Harry Lennox & DS Jess Wilde #2)

The Faceless Man by Helen H. Durrant (Published February, 2021)

The 2nd in the Detectives Lennox and Wilde series has the investigating the murder of a young man who seems to have been tracking a serial killer.

Helen H. Durrant is a British author.



The Institute

The Institute by Jakub Żulczyk (Published June, 2021)

Agnieszka Celińska took over the apartment from her grandmother.  She, and 6 others become trapped in it.  All communications and exits are blocked.  Who would want to do this, and why?

Jakub Żulczyk is a Polish author and journalist.



The above are just a small sampling of what I will/have read in the month.  If something appeals to you, please check out the full review on my blog, where you will find many other books, perhaps something that will peak your interest.  I’d appreciate your comments.

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