The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst

The Bone Maker


The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst

Publishing: March 9, 2021 by Harper Voyager



Reason I chose to Read this Book:  First, I have not read any of her novels before because I thought she wrote children’s books.  My apologies to the author.  The premise of this book caught my eye, which is when I checked out her website and realized my mistake….and here we are.


The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst is a fantasy novel.

First, let me thank Edelweiss, the publisher Harper Voyager, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)

All she wants is her husband back.  She lost him 25 years ago, when she and four others risked their lives to defeat the corrupt magician Eklor.  Her husband did not survive the battle.

Since then, Kreya has lead a solitary life in a remote tower, trying to resurrect her dead husband using human bones and a sacrifice of her blood.  For every day she resurrects him, her own life loses a day. That is no concern, but finding the bones has become an issue, and even though she uses the bones from the already dead,  what she does is unlawful.

She has no choice left.  She approaches Zera, once her best friend, and one of the five heroes who battled Eklor.  Only Zera’s skill at creating talismans can protect her while she searches for bones to resurrect her dead husband.  But the reunion was not as she had hoped, and although Zera eventually agrees to Kreya’s rather outrageous idea, nothing goes according to plan.  It forces the original 5 hero’s to re-unite to once again save the day.

And so they come together 25 years after the first battle.  Kreya, the leader, the one who can make the bones into mechanical “constructs” to perform almost any task.  Zera, who can make talisman’s out of bones to empower them. Jentt, who could manipulate talismans and perform amazing feats.  Marso, who could read the future in the bones.  Stran, whose warrior strength is enhanced even more by the talismans that Zera creates.  All of them have changed since that first battle, but their enemy remains the same.  But this time, the five alone will not be enough.


My Opinions:   

Well, this novel surprised me, as did the author.  The author created a new world of magical creations that had me begging for more.

I loved the banter between Kreya and Zera.  It felt like a true friendship. The characters were amazing, and they all sucked me in to caring about them.  Both their strength and weaknesses made them “real”.   Strangely enough, even the “constructs” earned my admiration and devotion.  Those little rag doll constructs had me on edge every time they were asked to do something.  I feared for their lives! And that little bird…..

The plot was fast-paced, wildly entertaining, and it was very well-written.  There were no major surprises, but none were needed.  The story just carried the reader through. It is a long book, but it didn’t drag.

It was a story of friendship, of love, of redemption, of second chances.  It is also a story of overcoming fears, of ethics, of sacrifice, and of acceptance.

I liked the ending.  It wasn’t a true happily ever after, but it was right…and it left me wanting more.

Read: March, 2021

Favorite Quotes from The Bone Maker:

“It’s always about time, Kreya thought. How much you use, how much you waste, and how much you waste regretting the time you already wasted.”

For each day he lived again, she would live one day less.  Worth it, she thought. A thousand times worth it.”

“Maybe there were no perfect choices for anyone to make, hero or villain. Maybe there was only doing the best you could do with the time you had.”


Sarah Beth DurstAbout The Author: Sarah Beth Durst is an American author, born in Massachusetts.  She is the award-winning author of over twenty fantasy books.  She graduated from Princeton University where she studied English.  She currently lives in New York with her husband and children.   Check out Sarah’s website at

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Have you read it?  Do you plan to?  Tell me your thoughts…do you agree or disagree with my assessment?  Either way, I’d love to know.




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