Things They Buried by Amanda K. King and Michael R. Swanson (#1 – Thung Toh Jig)

Things They Buried

Things They Buried by Amanda K. King and Michael R. Swanson  

Published: February 2019




Just a Few Words:  First…this is not a children’s fantasy series.  Definitely for adults.  Second….I read this a couple of months ago….and forgot to post my review.  Apologies to the authors.


Things They Buried by Amanda K. King and Michael R. Swanson is the first in the Thung Toh Jig Science Fiction/Fantasy series.

First, let me thank the authors, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)

The Port of Dockhaven is a strange city on the planet of Ismae, filled with all manner of beings.  Although the world of science and mythology collided, and the residents may look different, have different skin colours (really different), and have different degrees of intellect,  they mingle as one. 

For Duke Sylandair Imythedralin and his lover Aliara Rift, a shared childhood owned by the monster Kluuta Orono has left them on edge.  Orono was on a path seeking immortality, and he thought he may have found it.  In his research,  he experimented on children….often Aliara.  Although assumed to have burned in the fires that they escaped, they have never been sure that Orono is really gone.  When rumours surface of a possible sighting, Syl and Aliara, with the aid of a scavenger, Schmalch, follow Orono’s trail.  Soon they enlist the help of Haus, a member of the Thung Toh organization (as is Aliara), who is specially trained in combat, and other essential skills.

When they realize that children from Dockhaven have been disappearing, Syl and Aliara are sure that Orono is back.  The group goes underground to find him.  Along the way it becomes evident that they will need someone else to go over all the notes that Orono left behind, so they hire Hergis Savesti, a scientist/physician, to try to find information as to where Orono may be.  Hergis involves his sister and another assistant.

Things get stranger.


My Opinions:  

WOW,  well this was a surprise.  Not only did I step into the world of 2084….I stepped into a brand new world, and another planet.  This planet has all sorts of new creatures, some having many human traits and characteristics, and others….not so much.   This is not my normal genre, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how much I was enjoying this book, and when I realized there was a real story behind all these crazy individuals.

It was a tale of action and adventure, good guys and bad guys, and it is a tale of love and friendship.

The characters were just as interesting as the story itself.  The love between Syl and Aliara was so strong, mainly because of their shared childhood of abuse.  The friendship of the others grew as they learned to trust each other, and to trust in themselves.

Told from different points of view, the story unfolded easily, and although the characters may have had an extra nose, or limb, or whatever….it quickly became apparent that it was their story that was important.

Often it takes a while to really understand a book which has unfamiliar characters, places, creatures, words…  The authors made everything clear.  The writing was really excellent, the imagery vivid, and the plot was very good.  I am looking forward to the second in this series. 



Read: October, 2019



About The Authors:

AMANDA K. KING was born in the U.S., and was both a reporter and communication consultant before writing full-time.

MICHAEL R. SWANSON was born in New York, and divides his time between writing, music, woodworking, and gardening.

Check out their website at


I have also reviewed this book on GoodReads:







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