Off The Grid by John Hunt

Off The Grid

Off The Grid by John Hunt

 Publishing: October 31, 2019




Just a Few Words:  Remember to breathe while reading this one.  Prepare to get caught up in a story, most of which could happen outside your very door.


Off The Grid by John Hunt is a psychological thriller/horror novel.

 First, let me thank the author, for offering his book to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)

Graham Richards is a recluse.  His wife and son lost their lives during a mall shooting.  Graham survived a point-blank shot to the face and one to the chest,  leaving major scarring and massive headaches.  Between his guilt for not protecting his family, and his own pain, Graham has also developed an anger issue, which he struggles to control.  Rather than worry about hurting anyone else, Graham moved to a cabin in the woods and is trying to be totally self-sustaining.  His garden, his solar panels, and all the wood he can chop has almost made his visits to town non-existent.   The fewer people he sees, the better.

When six-year old Francine is kidnapped, Graham finds himself saving the girl, if only to keep attention away from himself.    No matter how much she wants to know,  Detective Jodie Reyes stops asking Graham how he found Francine.  Jodie becomes Graham’s first friend in years.

When a teenager goes missing in Northern Ontario,  Jodie finds herself in charge, and wondering if she should have asked Graham for help.  Soon she herself is being targeted, and Graham will have to brave the world to try and save her, and himself.


My Opinions:  

Another amazing book by John Hunt.   The plot of this book could have been pulled from today’s news, and that in itself adds to the horror.   Hunt’s characters are so real, his imagery so vivid, his writing so smooth, he sucks the reader right into the story….and doesn’t let go.

The book is fast-paced, action-packed and just a touch gruesome.  Be warned, John Hunt writes violence vividly.  If you don’t actually feel the blood splatter, you definitely see it in your mind…again, and again.

I must admit that living in Ontario definitely draws me to John Hunt’s books, as he writes about cities and towns that I know, and if some of them are fiction, the topography is not.

Overall, although some of his descriptions are a little repetitive or long,  it is a really good book.   It just grabbed me and hung on, much like a dog with a bone (or maybe a thigh).

Highly recommended!


Read: October, 2019


Favorite Quotes from Off The Grid:

“All relationships are based on personal gain. To think otherwise is juvenile and naive wouldn’t you say? And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes the thing you seek in another is something you’re trying to find in yourself. And sometimes it’s as simple as needing to feel present.”

“You get used to living a certain way…I don’t know, really. Could be there is comfort in living with someone you dislike. You’re never disappointed by them are you?”


John                  HuntAbout the Author:  A busy father of four, John Hunt had not started writing until late 2009.  Most of his writing is done during his spare time.  His short stories have been published nine times.  He works and lives in the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada with his family.


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