Bitter Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (#4 Huntress/FBI)

Bitter Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #4)

Bitter Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

 Published: November 2016



Bitter Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff is the 4th in the FBI/Huntress Series.

Even though this book is about Cara’s background, the first three books in this series must be read first. Trust me, they are worth reading. I love this series.

A quick recap: 

Cara Lindstrom is a vigilante killer. She only kills those who deserve to die. The  rapists, the abusers, the murderers… Cara sees the evil within the wicked, and she has the courage to take action. 

Matthew Roarke is with the FBI. He understands Cara’s desires to rid the world of evil. His attraction to her is confusing.  It is his job to stop her.

This book is told by both Cara (as a teenager) and Roarke (current day). 

Cara’s story begins at age 14.  It unfolds when she has been placed in a group home after serving time in jail for aggravated assault on a counsellor who was trying to rape her. She was 12.  Now, two years later she encounters the counsellor again. She also meets a young girl her age who she knows is in trouble, and another girl who was raped and burned and left for dead. Cara sees the evil in this town.  She decides it is time to fight back.

Roarke story takes place 16 years later than Cara’s story.  He is currently taking a Leave of Absence from the FBI. After hunting Cara, seeing her behind bars, and then loose again, Roarke has so many mixed emotions, he cannot see straight. He is taking time off to think, search his soul for answers. But perhaps not enough time is available. It isn’t long before he is drawn back into Cara’s story. Only this time, he is tracing her backstory. The road is leading him to a serial rapist, an active serial rapist.

It is so interesting how the author alternates Cara’s story when she is 14, with Roarke following the same path 16 years later. The same town, the same people, the same discoveries.  They are both searching for evil. They are both searching for a sadistic sexual predator. They both find what they are looking for. Their methods for dealing with it come close to being the same.

Alexandra Sokoloff has created a vigilante to love. Cara kills what is wrong in the world. How can you not love Cara? The author has finally told us what happened to Cara after her family was massacred, how she learned to be strong. We see the impact of that event, and other events that followed. Through Cara’s eyes, we travel through the good and bad. Group homes/foster homes, counsellors, bullying, evil. We see those who care, and those who don’t. We see those who try, and those who don’t. We see things from a child’s perspective, who has had to grow up too soon, too fast, in the midst of it all. We see the fear issues, the trust issues, the insight. We see the evil. We see a young girl who is going to stand up and fight. We see things that are not really fiction.

The author continues to build on the characters. She digs deep. She makes you feel their emotions, and the results of those emotions…their thoughts, their fears, their anger, their hopes, their decisions, their actions. Their emotions become yours. Alexandra Sokoloff is a very talented author. 

Loved the book, and am looking forward to the next one!

Read: January 2018

Favorite Quotes from Bitter Moon:

“Before Cara, he had not known that every month’s moon has a name. Sometimes different names for different tribal nations. This month was a Wolf Moon. But it was also called Bitter Moon. And that well enough described what was in Roarke’s heart.”

“Fear the wolf . . . or be the wolf.”

“You are not alone. And you are loved.”


Alexandra Sokoloff

About the Author:   Alexandra Sokoloff is the bestselling author of both supernatural and crime novels.  Her awards and nominations continue to build up. As a screenwriter she has sold original suspense and horror scripts and written novel adaptations for numerous Hollywood studios.   Although originally from California, she now divides her time between Los Angeles and Scotland.   In her free time, she dances.

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