Zoo by James Patterson (#1 Zoo)


Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

 Published: 2012



Zoo, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, did not live up to my expectations.  I have read most of his novels, and enjoyed 90%.  This was one of his duds.

The above statement was from my first reading of this book a few years ago.  I have been enjoying the television series (now in its 3rd season), and thought I would re-read the book.   Although it still lacks something, I have a little more respect for the novel.

In particular, I still find the premise of Zoo interesting.  Jackson Oz, a biologist/ecologist/scientist became obsessed with the idea that there have been an increased amount of animal attacks on humans.  He drops out of university to pursue this line of thought.  Unfortunately, very few in the field believe him.  On a trip to Botswana, Oz experiences the attack of a group of all male lions, something unheard of. That seems to be the beginning.  Animals around the world start attacking humans.  From bats to rhinos, from house-cats to lions, from zoo animals to pets, they all seem to act as one. 

Oz is suddenly in the spot-light.  People are finally listening.  However, when they finally figure out why this is happening, the bigger question becomes, can humans change their ways.

Overall, Patterson did what he always does.  Provide a fast-paced, suspense-filled book. Still not totally happy with the book, but it wasn’t as bad the second time around… 


Re-Read: June 2017


Favorite Quotes from Zoo:

“Turns out an apocalypse actually comes on pretty slowly. Not fire and brimstone but rust and dandelions. Not a bang but a whimper.”

“It was a zoo, all right, I thought, shutting off the water, staring out through the bars down at Seventh Street. Only it was starting to look like the Homo sapiens were the ones who would be relegated to the cages from now on.”


About the Authors:

James Patterson needs no introduction.  Still a prolific writer.

Michael Ledwidge has written a few novels on his own, but is most famous for co-writing a number of books with Patterson.  Of Irish descent, he is New York born and raised.



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