Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (#1 Huntress/FBI)

Huntress Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #1)

Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

 Published: 2012




Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff is the first in the Huntress/FBI Thriller series.

First, let me tell you that I have not read anything else by this author, but that will be rectified. 

Second, I must tell you that because I am such an avid reader, I sometimes get in a “reading rut” – where I read the same books, or same type, or same series for months on end – and then repeat.  For this reason, every now and then I will randomly choose a book that has a high * rating on Goodreads, or has won awards, or has somehow caught my attention, but that I know nothing about either the author nor the book.  I intentionally do not read any blurbs about the book, and just dive in.  That way I am always surprised (not always pleasantly), but it is also how I have found new authors to follow.  This was the case with Huntress Moon.  My first thought, based solely on the title, was that it was probably going to be either a ghost story or some type of supernatural adventure.  Now you see where the surprise part enters the equation. 

The next thing you must know….I loved this book!!!!

Huntress Moon is a psychological thriller, following FBI Agent Matthew Roarke.  He is hunting someone who seems to be a new type of serial killer.  He thinks it is a woman, and he feels a real connection to her from the moment he lays eyes on her – just as his colleague gets run over by a truck.  What did she say to Greer that led him to step off the sidewalk?  Did she kill him?  Where did she go?  Roarke follows a growing list of dead bodies, intent on finding this mysterious woman.  When he can finally put a name to the killer, he realizes that she is part of the reason he broke with family tradition to join the FBI.    Roarke has been aware of her since he was 9 years old.   It seems their paths were meant to cross.  But what has led her to kill?

Told from the perspectives of both Roarke, and from the killer, we quickly realize that they are both hunters, and that although one is a killer, both have their good reasons for pursuing their prey.  I found myself cheering for both of them.  Their sense/intuition of each other makes the hunt more intense.  We really get the feeling that they are almost communicating with each other without speaking. 

Sokoloff really dug deep into the characters psyches to provide insight into what drives them.  She did this with the main characters, but also the supporting cast.  The plot and pace moves perfectly, and the author has a real knack for story-telling.

This story is disturbing in one way. It deals with monsters. The monsters within humans. Some are easy to spot, while others take a special person to see them.

This was a really entertaining journey and although I know I will read others between, it won’t be long until I start the second book in this series. It is already calling me.


Read: July 2017


Favorite Quotes from Huntress Moon:

“The native Americans call the October full moon Hunter’s Moon.” His mouth quirked in an expression that was not quite a smile. “Perhaps the blue moon is the Huntress Moon.”
Roarke had an uneasy feeling that he was right.”

“Revelation. All-time favorite of unmedicated street evangelists everywhere.”

“She thinks, for the millionth time, that being a woman is the world’s most perfect camouflage.”


About the Author:   Alexandra Sokoloff is the bestselling author of both supernatural and crime novels.  Her awards and nominations continue to build up. As a screenwriter she has sold original suspense and horror scripts and written novel adaptations for numerous Hollywood studios.   Although originally from California, she now divides her time between Los Angeles and Scotland.   In her free time, she dances.


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