Silent Scream by Angela Marsons (#1 Kim Stone)

Silent Scream (D.I. Kim Stone, #1)

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

 Published:  2015



Silent Scream by Angela Marsons is the 1st in the DI Kim Stone Crime Series.

Really good for a debut novel.  Although the first, there are a number of books in this series (I’m a little behind, which is the way I like it), but I can’t wait to read the next one.  I was really impressed.

DI Kim Stone and her team are investigating the death of School Principal Teresa Wyatt who was found dead in her bathtub.  When human remains are found in a field beside Crestwood, a former orphanage which burnt down 10 years ago, it cannot be a coincidence that Wyatt was once involved in the running of that orphanage.  More remains are found.  So are more bodies with a tie to the orphanage.  It seems that something happened at Crestwood that was covered up, and people are starting to die because of this secret.  It will be hard enough to identify the bodies, much less locate the people that were in charge at the time of the fire.

But this case has special meaning the DI Kim Stone.  She is all too familiar with orphanages.  Getting to the bottom of this crime may mean that she will have to relive some of her own worst nightmares.

I really enjoyed this book.  Marsons created a very interesting, very strong detective with a horrific background.  Her attitude and actions may get her into trouble, but her reasoning is sound.  A softer, more sensitive side is also glimpsed.  Although her demeanor is a bit sharp/abrupt, her team is very loyal.  These back-up characters also show promise, and as long as they get fleshed out a little more in future books, this is going to be a really good series.  The plot was good, with enough twists to keep things from routine.  The pace was fast, and suspense built accordingly.

Can’t say enough.  Read it !


Read: May 2017


Favorite Quotes from Silent Scream:

“Kim knew she had a reputation for being cold, socially inept and emotionless. This perception deflected banal small talk and that was fine by her.”

“I realised that if I’m not prepared to share a toothbrush glass, I’m not prepared to share much of anything else.”


About the Author:   Angela Marsons is a British crime writer, who gave up her Security Guard job when her DI Kim Stone series suddenly took off.   She now focuses on writing, her partner, their bouncy Labrador and potty-mouthed parrot.  Sounds like a fun household.


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