A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava (#5 Maggie O’Dell)

A Necessary Evil (Maggie O'Dell #5)

A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava

 Published: 2006



A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava is the 5th in the FBI Profiler Maggie O’Dell Series.

First, I would really recommend reading the series, instead of this being a stand-alone novel, because some key players are back.  There seems to be a lot going on in this one, but as always, most gets tied together quite nicely.

Maggie’s best friend, psychologist Dr. Gwen Patterson has a secret.  One that she should be sharing with Maggie.  She thinks that one of her patients has been sending her clues to the recent DC murders where Maggie and Detective Julia Racine are finding only the heads of the victims.  But she has been warned to keep quiet or someone close to her will die.

Meanwhile, Maggie is sent on a second case, involving the murder of catholic priests, and she may finally get a chance to finish “the one that got away”.  When Father Michael Keller contacts Maggie and promises to come back to the U.S. in return for an antidote to the poison he has been given, Maggie sees her chance to use Keller’s information regarding the recent murders, and to possibly nail him for the crimes she is so sure he has committed.  Sounds like a win-win!

Nick Morelli is back in this story, and it is evident there is some unfinished business between him and Maggie.  However, that will end up being put on hold, because unknown to him, it looks like his nephew Timmy may once again be in the cross-hairs of Father Keller.

This story is a little unnerving, as it is about child abuse and the Catholic Church. However, it was done well, and as always, Alex Kava delivers a fast-paced easy read.

One of my favorite series.


Re-Read: April 2017


Favorite Quotes from A Necessary Evil:

“Locard’s Principle had come through for him many times in the past.  No matter how careful a killer was, there was an exchange of debris that took place between the killer and the victim.”

“The sin eater came after nightfall, after all had left the dead one’s side. He would eat the bread left on the chest of the dead one, thus removing the sins of the dead and consuming their sins, taking them into his own soul.”


About the Author:  Before writing novels full-time, Alex Kava spent fifteen years in advertising, marketing and public relations.   Her books have appeared on USA TODAY and the NY Times Bestseller lists, as well as bestseller lists in the U.K., Australia, Poland, Germany and Italy.    She has a pack of Westies at home.


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