Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

 Published: 2002



Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen King is one of my much-loved anthologies of his short stories (although most are quite long).

I have read these a number of times, and they don’t get old. A brief synopsis of each follows:

Autopsy Room 4…… A golf ball in the rough leads to more than one mistake.  I’m glad I don’t golf.  Funny, in a sick sort of way.

The Man in Black……….A boy with his new fishing rod catches more than expected. Loved this one!

All the You Love will be Carried Away………A salesman collects graffiti.  Some quite funny, but this one did nothing for me.

The Death of Jack Hamilton……….A Dillinger story.  The roping of flies was new to me. This one was good, but nothing special.

In the Deathroom……….A man is held in a room and tortured for information in Central America.  Again, not a favorite.

The Little Sisters of Eluria……….I read this as a stand-alone story and reviewed it then. Anything with Roland and the Dark Tower almost made this book a 5 star read.  Loved it.

Everything’s Eventual…….When a young man who can draw special “shapes” is hired by an organization to destroy the bad guys in the world, he starts to doubt his employer. This was really good.

L.T.’s Theory of Pets……..A dog and a cat play a part in the breakup of a couple, but where is the wife?  This was pretty good.

The Road Virus Heads North…….Be careful what you buy at a garage sale.  I think I’ll stay away from “art”. (It is cool that Stephen King based this one on a picture he owns).  I loved this.

Lunch at the Gotham Cafe………Another marriage break-up, but this time the divorce discussion is held at a restaurant where the Maitre D has gone a little nuts. This was fun.

That Feeling, The One You Can Only Say What it is in French.……..King says he believes that Hell may be repetition (this isn’t the only story he’s written that shows this). I loved the way he wrote this one, but it was hell to read.

1408.……..Great haunted hotel room story!

Riding the Bullet………A college student hitch-hikes home when his mom has a stroke, but gets picked up by the wrong guy (actually more than once).  This was really good.

Luckey Quarter………A single mother with a child who needs braces and another who is ill works as a maid in a hotel. She is given a “luckey” quarter as a tip. It was okay.

Overall, this book was good. The introduction itself discussed King’s love of the short story, and the lost art of writing them. That was really interesting. More than that though, I liked the fact that King provided his own thoughts of where each story came from.

Stephen King and short stories…..Always a worthwhile read!


Re-Read: April 2017


Favorite Quotes from Everything’s Eventual:

“God makes it come right in the end, that’s something he used to say. And how can you not like a guy with that kind of philosophy?”   (The Death of Jack Hamilton)

“When he wanted to say something was really good, Pug’d never say it was awesome, like most people do; he’d say it was eventual.” (Everything’s Eventual)

“It’s silence that is a marriage’s best friend.  Silence.” (L.T’s Theory of Pets)


About the Author:  In the introduction to this book, Stephen King says that he is trying to keep the short story from becoming a lost art.  I think he’s succeeding.




2 thoughts on “Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

  1. GentlemanJeff says:

    I’m so glad you reviewed the stories individually! I’m just about halfway through, and the SK message board was down today, so I thought I’d see what else I could find. The three most recent stories I’ve read have surprised me: on Sister of Eluria I was frustrated by the lack of any frame of reference, I’d beg to differ with King about whether to read Dark Tower before that story; with Everything’s Eventual I thought it reminded me of Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, but seemed to cop out at the end with a pretty predictable conclusion; and LTs Theory of Pets really copped out, I was expecting so much after reading King’s note that it’s his favorite of the collection, but if he thinks the horror elements have extra emotional impact he’s mistaken from my perspective–we don’t even know if they’re dead (no remains of the dog to prove he was killed by the Axe Man).


    • KatD59 says:

      I try to review all the anthologies as individual stories…they are often so different. Little Sisters of Eluria I believe was before Roland met Jake, Eddie or Susannah, as he was still actively pursuing Walter. I agree, it is easily a stand-alone story, and does not require knowledge of the Dark Tower. I enjoyed Everything’s Eventual, as it has flashbacks to other King Stories (Insomnia for instance), LTs theory of pets…think I enjoyed it only because of the frame of mind I was in when I read it…that happens with me. Anyway, thanks for the comments!


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