Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson (#15 Alex Cross)

Alex Cross's Trial: (Alex Cross 15)

Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo

 Published: 2009



Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo is the 15th in the Detective Cross Series.  Except it isn’t.  This is actually a stand-alone novel.  

This book threw me.  I did not read the blurb.  It was next in the series, and I just dove in.  So part of this is my own fault.  When I did stop and read the blurb it says the story called Trial was “written” by Alex Cross about his Great Uncle Abraham Cross.  It has nothing to do with Detective Alex Cross.  You won’t find Alex dashing across countries to solve a crime.  You won’t find him mentioned here at all.  Better to be forewarned.

One criticism before I get too far.  I really enjoyed this book, but I just can’t see Alex Cross writing it.  Yes, Great Uncle Abraham Cross is an integral part of the story, but Ben Corbett, a young lawyer from Washington is the true protagonist.  Alex Cross is too self-centered to write about anything but his own kin as the knight in shining armor, so overall it didn’t ring true.

That being said, this was a really good story.  Better than the usual Alex Cross books.  Okay, I may be getting sick of them, so this was a good break.  This book is also a very shameful, almost embarrassing, hard-to-read story.  It is a story about slavery, and Southern Mississippi in the early 1900’s.  It is a story of lynchings, of the Ku Klux Klan, of white people terrorizing the black community with lies and innuendos just because they feel justified.  It is a story about Roosevelt, and how he used a young white lawyer to stir things up and bring the problems to light.  It is the story how very few would stand up against the horrific prejudices of that time.  It is also a story about hope and bravery.

The story is very well written.  The characters are compelling.  Some you will love, some you will hate.  As with any good book, it will make you think.  It will remind us that prejudices still exist today, not just black and white.  It is a story that will stay with me for some time.

This one is worth the read.


Read: March 2017


Favorite Quotes from Alex Cross’s Trial:

“Mr. Young want some lovin’ from Flossie. She didn’t want to go along with it. So he… he force the love out of her.”
What an incredible way to put it. He force the love out of her.

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous.” – Proverbs


About the Authors: 

James Patterson needs no introduction as he is one of the most prolific writers in history.

Richard DiLallo spent most of his time in advertising, until hooking up with Patterson on this book.  Since that time, he has co-authored other books with Patterson.



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