The 5th Horseman by James Patterson (#5 Women’s Murder Club)

The 5th Horseman (Women's Murder Club #5)

The 5th Horseman by James Patterson (with Maxine Paetro)

Published: 2006



The Fifth Horseman by James Patterson is the 5th (of course) book in the Women’s Murder Club Mystery Series.  It is co-written by Maxine Paetro.

The Women’s Murder Club is comprised of Police Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer and her friends Claire (the Medical Examiner), Cindy (the reporter), and Yuki (the lawyer).  Together they solve crimes outside the police department parameters.

In this installment, there are two story lines.  In one, young women are being raped and murdered, dressed up in fancy clothes, and placed in snazzy cars.  It looks like a two-person murder team, and Lindsay has Jacobi and Conklin on the case.  In the other, someone at Municipal Hospital is killing patients, and coins/buttons are being placed on the eyes of the deceased.  This is occurring at a time when hotshot lawyer Maureen O’Mara is suing the hospital for millions of dollars in a civil suit on behalf of her clients.  In particular, a rather sleazy Dr. Dennis Garza seems to be playing a part in things.  Cindy and Yuki are both following this case closely.  Yuki has a personal stake in this one, and she wants vengeance.

This is another fast-paced, action-packed book.  A normal Patterson fast read.  No thinking is involved, as everything is laid out rather well.  That being said, it was still a good book.  We see more of Lindsay’s relationship with Joe and wonder how well that is going to turn out, and we see Yuki vulnerable.  In each book, the characters get a little deeper, and the series is very entertaining.


Re-Read: March 2017


Favorite Quote from The 5th Horseman:

“He told my mom about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—Famine, Death, Pestilence, and War—you know. But he said the Fifth Horseman was Man, and that Man was the most dangerous of all.”


About the Authors:

James Patterson needs no introduction, as he is a prolific writer, penning the Women’s Murder Club series, the Alex Cross Series as well as other series and stand-alone novels

Maxine Paetro has collaborated with Patterson on a number of his Women’s Club books.  Prior to this she has also written several of her own novels.  Her background has been in the creative department of several large New York advertising agencies.


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