Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells (#5 John Cleaver)

Over Your Dead Body (John Cleaver, #5)

Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells

Published: 2016



Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells is the 5th in the John Cleaver series.

John, a self-proclaimed sociopath, is trying to be good, trying to kill only demons, trying to stay sane.  Brooke, his childhood friend, is with him.  Unfortunately, she is not exactly sane.  After being possessed by a demon, and left with thousands of personalities and their memories inside her, Brooke is suicidal.  John is trying to protect her from herself, and deal with whichever personality wakes up on any given day.  Some days that appears to be a losing and potentially deadly battle.  It is a sad time for both of them.  When an unexpected personality shows up, John is not at all prepared.

John and Brooke are running from the Fort Bruce massacre of both humans,  FBI and Withered.  They are on their own, hitchhiking from town to town in search of the last of the Withered.  But they are also being pursued, by both Withered and the FBI.

I enjoyed this novel, as I have enjoyed all of Dan Wells work.  I simply like the way he writes.  The plot was good, seemed to progress correctly right from Book One (I am Not a Serial Killer) and although we have lost some characters along the way, we have found some new ones, and as always John carries the story.  This one was a little sad, as it seems that John has been carrying the load on his own (although that is the way he wants it), while still trying to protect Brooke.  Brooke is just sad.  This one also doesn’t have the excitement that the previous one did, but it still held you in suspense.

Anyway, I am hoping for another book………


Read:  March 2017


Favorite Quotes from Over Your Dead Body:

“And sometimes you get a stone in your shoe,” said Regina. “That doesn’t mean all shoes are full of stones.”

“I promised a friend I’d walk through hell to get her back,” I said. “Don’t make me bring you with me.”


About the Author:   Dan Wells lives in North Salt Lake, Utah, with his wife, Dawn, and their five children.   In addition to the John Cleaver Series, he has also written the Partials Series, as well as stand-alone novels.


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