No Room for Good Men by Chris Culver (#6 Ash Rashid)

No Room For Good Men (Ash Rashid Book 6)

No Room for Good Men by Chris Culver

Published: 2017



No Room for Good Men by Chris Culver is the 6th in the Ash Rashid mystery series….and it is good!!!

As the lead detective in the Indianapolis Major Case Squad, Ash has seen a lot.  When he enters the home of Kristen Tanaka, a reporter that has just been murdered, he is surprised to find a corkboard plastered with newspaper articles on a case of his from nine years ago. Apparently this reporter had managed to do what he had not.  She had identified the four victims of the brutal slaying that Ash had never been able to solve.  When her boss is murdered, and then a third reporter, Chief Reddington aims the investigation in the direction of a serial killer.  Ash is not so sure, and he starts to investigate his nine-year old cold case.  He is going to find that his victims may not be what they seemed.

On a personal level, Ash is having problems at home.  His family is under surveillance from a Citizen Watch Group who fear that all Muslim people are dangerous.  They watch the house constantly, and have even called Children Protective Services on the Rashid’s.  This group is going to cause his family problems in a most unexpected way.

With everything else that is going on, Ash is having a bit of an identity crisis.  He is starting to question his reason for becoming an officer of the law.  He doesn’t feel he is accomplishing anything, and no longer likes what he is becoming — cold, embittered, and a bit cynical.

Chris Culver really outdid himself this time.  The story line was really good, and held a surprise ending.  As good as the mystery angle of the novel is, the way he wrote about Ash’s personal crisis was great, really projecting the inner angst he was going through. Then, Culver addressed the damaging results that can come from hate against minorities. He did a great job on a touchy and current subject.  It is truly sad that people still judge another by their skin colour or beliefs.

Overall, great book!

Read: February 2017

Favorite Quote from No Room for Good Men:

“When we reached it, Emilia began walking her fingers down the hood the same way my wife walked her fingers across my back when she wanted me to take her to bed.”


About the Author:   Chris Culver is the New York Times bestselling author of the Ash Rashid series of mysteries.  After graduate school, Chris taught courses in ethics and comparative religion at a small liberal arts university in southern Arkansas.  While there and when he really should have been grading exams, he wrote The Abbey, which spent sixteen weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list and introduced the world to Detective Ash Rashid.




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