At The Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava (#4 Maggie O’Dell)

At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O'Dell, #4)

At The Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava

Published: 2003



At The Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava is the 4th in the FBI Profiler Maggie O’Dell Series.

Instead of a well-deserved vacation, Maggie heads to Connecticut in search of the missing patient of her friend Dr. Gwen Patterson.  Joan Begley went to Connecticut to bury her Grandmother, but instead met up with a man that could put an end to her own life.  When Maggie arrives in town, there is no sign of Joan.  However, barrels of dead bodies have just been discovered in an old rock quarry, and Maggie fears that one of those barrels may contain the body of Gwen’s patient.  Sheriff Henry Watermeier drags Maggie into the hunt for a serial killer — not that he had to twist her arm too much.

Connecticut is giving Maggie more than just another case to solve.  Her step-brother is only a town or two away, and if she can get up the courage, she wants to introduce herself.  She also meets Luc Racine, a wonderful old man with the beginning stage of Alzheimers, who also happens to be the father of Detective Julia Racine, an old acquaintance of Maggies, who she is just starting to tolerate.  Then there is Adam Bonzado, who is expressing more than a business-like interest in Maggie.

Alex Kava brought a lot of interesting characters into Maggie’s world, and I hope a few of them stay.  The plot was good, and as usual, you aren’t sure who to trust.  She is also slowly developing the romance between Gwen and Tully.  That pace seems right.

As always, I love the series.


Re-Read: February 2017


Favorite Quote from At The Stroke of Madness:

“For Lillian, so much of what she saw in real life reminded her of something she had read in a book.”


About the Author:   Alex Kava is a New York Times Best-Selling author of the critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs.  She and her pack of West Highland Terriers (westies) spend their time in  Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida.


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