See No Evil by Allison Brennan (#2 No Evil)

See No Evil (No Evil Trilogy, #2)

See No Evil by Allison Brennan

Published: 2007




See No Evil by Allison Brennan is the second in the No Evil Series.  That being said, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.  Although it does involve some of Brennan’s “Kincaid” family members, it has nothing to do with the first book.

When a judge is sadistically murdered in his home, Assistant DA Julia Chandler’s troubled niece is the prime suspect.  To prove Emily’s innocence, Julia enlists the aid of Psychiatrist Dillon Kincaid, and his brother, PI Connor Kincaid.  What they find is abuse, and a string of other murders which may be related.  They also find an on-line community called “wishlist”, set up by a psychiatrist, in which teens with anger issues can “talk it out”. Looks like some of these wishes are being granted.   Although Julia and Connor have a past, and she is the reason he had to leave the police force, they are trying not to allow that past to interfere with saving Emily.  

The romance and conflict between Julia and Connor was well laid out, although the eventual sex scene was boring, and dragged on, and on, and on.

This book revolves around a group of damaged, angry and abused teenagers seeking revenge.  It is basically an eye for an eye.  Although they are committing the crimes, someone else is leading them.  That someone will keep you guessing til close to the end.

Okay, I am not a “romance” reader, but this had a good story line.  As stated above, the sex scene was overdone, but the relationship was good.  As well, the relationship between the Kincaid brothers feels right.

Overall, glad I read it.

Read: February 2017


Favorite Quotes from See No Evil:

“He was glad his partner wasn’t here to see it. Not because she couldn’t handle the gore, but because she would be full of penis jokes for months.”

“People believe what they want to believe. They see no evil because they don’t want to.”


About the Author:  New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Allison Brennan lives in Northern California.  She has five children and writes three books a year.



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