The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

Published: 1999



The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King is not typical King horror.  Instead, it is King at his story-telling best.  This may have been a scary to the little girl in the book, but it is pure pleasure to read.

Trisha McFarland is 9 years old.  She is on a hike along the Appalachian Trail with her Mom and brother Pete.  Since their parents divorce, her Mom has been trying to spend a lot of time with the kids, much to the dismay of everyone.  Pete, however, is very vocal about his displeasure, and he and his Mom are constantly arguing.  To get a little peace from the bickering (and she sort of has to pee), Trisha steps off the trail and into the forest.  That was an unfortunate decision, the first of many.  The second was deciding to go a little deeper into the woods, and then to take a short-cut and meet up with the trail and her family further along.  It is a long time before they even notice her missing.  The search begins.   But a tip called into the police station quickly derails that search.  Meanwhile poor Trisha is battling the rain, the bugs, the hunger, the swamp, the darkness, illness and something else that seems to be following her.  But Trisha is not really alone.  She has baseball on her radio, and her favorite closer for the Red Sox, Tom Gordon, who walks with her, and talks with her, and “mostly” gives her encouragement.  But she is in those woods a long time, and even Tom gets discouraged.

This is a story of a brave little girl, who finds a way to handle her fears.  Through tears, anger, tenacity and a touch of insanity, as well as imagination, faith and acceptance, Trisha keeps going.  The reader loves Trisha from the first page, and you will root for her til the end.

Really good book.


Favorite Quotes from The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon:

“Go along to get along” wasn’t in his nature.  Nor was it in their mother’s, Trisha supposed.”

“The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted.”


Re-Read: January 2017


About the Author:  Stephen King is an avid Red Sox Fan, but admits that he took some liberties with Tom and his schedule.  He also admits “the woods themselves are real. If you should visit them on your vacation, bring a compass, bring good maps… and try to stay on the path.”



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