4th of July by James Patterson (#4 Women’s Murder Club)

4th of July (Women's Murder Club, #4)

4th of July by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Published: 2005



4th of July by James Patterson (with Maxine Paetro), is the 4th in the Women’s Murder Club Series.

In this book, the “club” has very little to do with the solving of the crime.  They are strictly there as Lindsay’s friends, and for moral support.

After the death of his daughter, and the crippling of his son, Dr. Andrew Cabot is suing Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer for wrongful death, excessive use of force, and police misconduct.   Despite the fact that these two teenagers were murderers, and that they had shot both Boxer and Jacobi while being given aid,  neither their father nor his lawyer were deterred.   Enter 28-year old Yuki Castellano, who is given the task of defending Lindsay.

Yuki’s first advice to Lindsay is to get out of town and lay low til the trial starts.  Well, Lindsay does get out of town.  She house-sits for her sister Cat in Half Moon Bay, where she immediately antagonizes a sleazy bar owner, and inserts herself into a homicide investigation where couples are being murdered and whipped.  The whipping is very similar to a 10 year old cold case that has stuck in Lindsay’s mind.  So, of course, she is going to step in.  Now if she can just stay alive til her trial.

I’m hoping that Yuki joins the “club”, (currently consisting of Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer, Medical Examiner Claire Washburn, and Reporter Cindy Thomas).   The death of Jill Bernhardt has left a “hole” in the club, and  I think Yuki would make a good addition.

Patterson’s short chapters create a fast read.  I was actually surprised by the identity of the killer.  That was pleasant!  Usually his books are not deep enough for the challenge.  Overall, it was a good book.


Re-Read: January 2017


About the Authors:  

James Patterson is the author of the two bestselling detective series of the past decade: the Alex Cross novels,  and the Women’s Murder Club series.   He has written many other novels, and often collaborates with different authors.  He lives in Florida.
Maxine Paetro is a novelist and journalist. She lives with her husband in New York.



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