Double Cross by James Patterson (#13 Alex Cross)

Double Cross (Alex Cross, #13)

Double Cross by James Patterson

Published: 2007



Double Cross by James Patterson is the 13th in the Alex Cross Crime series.

Sometimes I just want this series to end, and other times I’m glad I’ve stuck around.  This is one of those “iffy” times.

In this novel, there are two story lines, somewhat connected.

Although Alex is still working as a psychotherapist (apparently not a really good one as is evident from his clientele), he ends up assisting his new girlfriend (Detective Bree Stone), on a homicide case.  It starts with a killer who is “playing to his audience”.  His kills are quite daring, and always in front of a crowd.  His different roles and costumes are confusing the witnesses, and the police eventually think he may have a partner.  It appears that acting is his goal in life, and it seems he is purposely directing his roles to play with Alex.

Meanwhile Kyle Craig, Alex’s old nemesis, has broken out of jail with the help of his lawyer (who is a big fan).

On the home front, Alex’s family actually plays a very little part in this book.  NanaMama isn’t running his life or harping at him for a change.  On the other hand, Alex’s son Damon has finally grown up enough to be upset when his father missed a meeting with a prospective school that he wants to attend for basketball.  There is usually too much family time in these books for me.  This book had an appropriate mix of home life and crime scenes.

My other complaint, as always, are the different women that run through Alex’s life.  Bree, of course, is another new one, but it looks like she may make it to the next book — which is never a sure thing.

As always, the chapters are short, which makes the pace quick, and tension high. The characters and story line could be a little deeper.   But as I always say, Patterson is my go-to guy when I don’t want to think too much.  Everything is nicely laid out.


Favorite Quotes from Double Cross:

“A needlepoint pillow that said Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.”

“Adolescents were the most wretched humans of all.”


Read: January 2017


About the Author:  JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and bestselling writers of all time.  He is the author of the two top-selling new detective series of the past decade: the Alex Cross novels and the Women’s Murder Club series.   He has also written stand-alone novels, and often co-writes books.




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