The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava (#3 Maggie O’Dell)

The Soul Catcher (Maggie O'Dell, #3)

The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava

Originally Published 2002



The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava is the 3rd in the FBI Special Agent Maggie O’Dell series.

During a WACO-like standoff resulting in the suicide-by-cyanide deaths of 5 of the 6 young people in a small cabin, an FBI agent is killed.  The cabin was found to be storing a large stash of guns and ammo.   Maggie is called to profile the case.  When the body of a Senator’s daughter is found with an identical cyanide capsule in her mouth, evidence starts to point in one direction, Reverend Joseph Everett.   The lone survivor of the cabin incident isn’t talking, as he is terrified that Everett will send someone to kill him.  He, like the rest of the cult, “know” the FBI are devils with the sole intention of killing the group.  The charismatic Reverend Everett has brainwashed them well.

Things get very personal in this one.  Special Agent R.J. Tully’s daughter, Emma,  attended the pep/recruitment rally put on by Reverend Everett, and was with the Senator’s daughter the night she was killed.   Tully is feeling he may not be up to the task of keeping Emma safe from the world.  

Meanwhile, Maggie finds herself drinking more and more.   On a good news/bad news note, Maggie’s Mom has sobered up, due to her involvement with the wonderful/scary Reverend Everett.  Wonder how long that will last.   So, like Tully with Emma,  Maggie isn’t so sure she can keep her mother safe either, and during a blow-up her Mom reveals a secret she’s been hiding for many years.  This will change everything Maggie knows about her family.

Although the plot was good in its own right, I really liked the fact that there was a focus on a lot of character development. We learned a lot about Maggie and her Mom and their “issues”.  Gwen and Tully also become more personable, and I liked the new Julia Racine character.

I’ve seen some negative reviews on this one, but what can I say. I liked it!


Read: December 2016

Favorite Quote from The Soul Catcher:

“Beware the soul catcher
Who comes in a flash of light.

Trust not a word.

Meet not his eye.

Lest he catch your soul,
Trapping it for all eternity 
In his little black box.


About the Author:  In addition to this best-selling series starring FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell, she has another series with Ryder Creed, an ex-vet who trains Search & Rescue Dogs (with Maggie appearing regularly to help out).   As well, Kava has written a few stand-alone novels and short stories.  She is an avid dog lover.  


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