The 1st Victim by Tami Hoag (#3.5 Kovac & Liska)

The 1st Victim (Kovac and Liska, #3.5)

The 1st Victim by Tami Hoag

Published: 2013



The 1st Victim by Tami Hoag would be #3.5 in the Kovac/Liska Detective series. It is a short story that introduces a serial killer which will be fleshed out in her next book.

That being said, this is still a good story.  It is about the death of a young girl, found at the side of the road on New Year’s Day, and being investigated by Kovac & Liska.  She has been tortured and raped.  They can’t identify her, and it is driving them both nuts.

It is also the story of a mother who knows her daughter is missing, but doesn’t seem to be getting any help from the police.  Rose is over 18, so there is nothing they can do.  It doesn’t matter how much her mother complains, or tries to explain that Rose would never just disappear, her rants seem to go unheard.  Eventually a police report is filed, but even then, an error is made.

Tami Hoag, even in this short story, has brought the characters to life.  Kovac & Liska are shown as having seen a lot in their careers, but still care about the victims.  They also have normal lives outside of work.  I think the author did a great job portraying the angst and frustration of the mother in dealing with the police.  And, although this story didn’t have a particularly happy ending, it didn’t leave you exactly hanging.  It did, however, make you want to read the next full-length novel – which was its intent.

Good read for a short story!


Favorite Quote from The 1st Victim:

“Evil isn’t attracted to evil,” Liska pointed out. “Darkness only wants to destroy light.”


Read: December 2016


About the Author:  TAMI HOAG is the #1 international bestselling author of more than thirty books, published in more than 30 languages worldwide. Renowned for combining thrilling plots with character-driven suspense, Hoag first hit the New York Times bestseller list in 1995 with Night Sins.


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