Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop by Brhel & Sullivan

Marvelry's Curiosity Shop

Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop by Brhel & Sullivan

Published: 2016



Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop by John Brhel & Joseph Sullivan is a collection of 12 short stories, all based around an antique store owned by retired stage magician Dr. Julian Marvelry.

Dr. Marvelry stocks some strange items which he has found on his travels. Some of the items in his store have “history”, and their magic often finds a way to make itself known to its new owners.  When buying something from Dr. Marvelry, you may get more than you bargained for, and in some cases, it may be the last thing you ever purchase.

I enjoyed most of the stories in the book, but there were a few that will stay with me:

Echo’s Reflection is the tale of a mirror which seems to show the couple’s future, but they start to wonder if that is indeed what they want.

The Painters Premonition, has the owner of his new easel and brushes painting the same view over and over again, but it isn’t what he is looking at.

A Made Match is about a pair of African fertility dolls which have a rather strange affect on the couples that purchase them.

Siren Song tells the tale of an organ which is purchased by a woman who plays the same song over and over.   Strangely enough, it was originally owned by someone in the apartment just down the hall.

Through the individual tales, we learn a little more about Marvelry himself, as well as his past career and acquaintances, and of course the history of the items that he sells.

This was a highly entertaining, fast read.  Each short story was an easy read, and I would classify this book as paranormal, or dark fantasy, but not true horror.  It is a fun book to read, my only complaint is that it was a bit short.


Favorite Quotes from Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop:

“But it’s pronounced ‘Marvel-rye,’ no need for ‘doctor,’ and the accent’s on the ‘eye.’”


Read: December 2016


About the Author(s):  Long-time friends and horror writers, John Brhel and Joseph Sullivan co-wrote this book, as well as others.  They founded their own publishing house, Cemetery Gates Media,  in Binghamton New York.



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