Cross by James Patterson (#12 Alex Cross)

Cross (Alex Cross, #12)

Cross by James Patterson

Originally Published: 2006



Cross by James Patterson is the 12th in the Alex Cross Series.

It is not Patterson’s best.

Alex, with a little nudging from NanaMama, resigns from the FBI and decides being a psychologist is good enough.  He opens a private practice.  He is going to take care of his family, by staying out of harms way.  When his best friend John Sampson asks for his help to track down a serial rapist, Alex says yes.  (Of course he does).  Turns out they are tracking a serial murderer as well, and it may be that they are actually in pursuit of the man who killed Alex’s first wife.  The unsolved murder of Maria, who was shot and died in his arms has been haunting him.   If there is a chance that this “Butcher” that they are searching for is tied to Maria’s death, Alex may be able to finally move on with his life.  But John hasn’t told Alex everything.  It’s time to come clean.

Okay, I think James Patterson should have handled the matter of Maria’s death some time ago.  Why is Alex suddenly agonizing over it?  Are we to believe that Alex has not “moved on”?  He’s certainly had enough female companions since Maria’s death, so I’m pretty sure that he has moved on romantically.   Or are we to blame all his failed relationships on the fact that his true love died?  It couldn’t possibly be that he is never home, or that he jumps from one woman to the next without thinking?

As well, anyone reading this one without having read previous books would be lost as to where his son Ali came from, because not once did his mother get mentioned. This area did not flow very well from the last book.

Another thing that got lost was the woman that Alex was treating, who was being beaten by her policeman boyfriend.  Not only was Alex’s behaviour very unprofessional, it seemed like there would be more to this story, but it got dropped.

On the good side, it was typical James Patterson with short chapters, and the story moved really quick.  You didn’t have to think too much, as it was laid out very well.  I actually like the fact that the violence picked up a little in this one.  Usually Patterson glosses over the gruesome parts, and the murders are fairly bland.  Not the case here.  It added some substance to the character of the “Butcher”.

Overall, the book was okay.  Maria’s death is now behind us (after over 10 years), so perhaps we can ALL move on.  Oh, and I actually didn’t mind the cliff-hanger at the end.


Favorite Quotes from Cross:

“It’s all like two degrees of separation these days. Everything I think about reminds me of Maria. Everything I do brings me back to her murder case.”

“Beware the anger of a patient man.


Re-read: December 2016


About the Author:  James Patterson has created more enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today with his Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women’s Murder Club, Private, NYPD Red, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Middle School series.  As of January 2016, he has sold over 350 million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most #1 New York Times bestsellers.   His generosity in donations to literacy improvements is unending.



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