The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen

The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen

Published: 2016



The Sound of Rain by Gregg Olsen is a psychological thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Second, let me thank Gregg Olsen for writing it.

Homicide Detective Nicole Foster is on her way down a long dark path.  A gambling addiction, an enabling crooked boyfriend, and a troubled relationship with her sister are all leading to misery.  All she needs is one more thing to make her hit rock bottom.

When 3-year old Kelsey Chase goes missing, and is eventually found dead, Nicole doesn’t understand how a mother could leave a little girl alone in a car while she goes shopping.   Neither can anyone else, and the mother quickly becomes a suspect.  Nicole’s partner/boyfriend Danny Ford finds someone else to blame, and he arrests a local sex offender who commits suicide after Danny gets him to confess.    But things don’t add up for Nicole, and she can’t let it go.   When she accuses Danny of falsifying evidence, she is kicked off the force.   Now broke and homeless, her rock bottom has arrived.  The only thing that may save her is if she could solve this case.  It haunts her day and night.  When help comes from Kelsey’s father, she jumps at the chance to pick up the pieces of her life, and find this child’s murderer.

But she may not be prepared for what she finds.

This book had so many twists and turns, it kept you guessing right to the end.  Gregg Olsen spun a wonderful tale of mystery, with lots of suspense, and really good character development.  Nicole is not perfect.  She has made mistakes, and she’s trying to make up for them.  Her choice in men is questionable.  Her addiction makes her real.  The sibling rivalry between Nicole and her sister Stacy seemed “right”,  probably because they are both troubled.   Olsen makes you really see his characters – their struggles, despair, greed, anger, pettiness, and then he shows you their hopes, their dreams, their ability to love and to forgive.  You get involved. 

Definitely a good read.  The only fault – another chapter or two would have been nice.


Read: December 2016


Favorite Quotes from The Sound of the Rain:

A few days after I screwed a stranger and lost all the money I had, I find myself in front of this kind, patient woman, and I’m so angry that I’d like to pull that unicorn from her neck and stab myself with it.”

“Stacy attacks me with that look she really ought to patent. It’s a combination of pity and disdain, with just a dash of anger. The anger is only a dash, because Stacy likes to hurt me in small doses. Ridicule by a thousand paper cuts.”


About the Author:   A Seattle native who lives with his wife in rural Washington State, Gregg Olsen has received critical acclaim and numerous awards for both his fiction and non-fiction works.  He has been a guest on dozens of national and local television shows, including educational programs for the History Channel, Learning Channel, and Discovery Channel.  


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