Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag (#3 Kovac & Liska)

Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag

Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag

Published: 2006



Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag is the 3rd in the Kovac and Liska Detective Series.

I don’t personally see why you could not read this as a stand-alone novel, but it is nice to know a bit of background on the two detectives.

A mother and two foster children are brutally raped and murdered on the night a tornado hits town.  Karl Dahl, a transient, is charged with the crimes.  Not only are the father and step-son devastated, but the whole town is up in arms, especially when Judge Carey Moore rules that Dahl’s prior criminal record is inadmissible.   Everyone “knows” he’s guilty, and they’ve already tried and convicted him in their minds.   Things get worse.   The lead detective on the case, Stan Dempsey, goes rogue.  The judge is brutally attacked in the parking garage.  When a fight breaks out at the jail, Dahl escapes.  Suddenly there is a man-hunt for both Dahl and Dempsey.

Detective Sam Kovac is no fan of the judge, but vows to keep her safe.  She has a five-year old daughter and a no-good husband.  Somebody has to look after her.

When she is kidnapped from her own home, while under police protection, everyone is on edge.  Kovac is determined to find her low-life husband guilty, but he may be letting his personal feelings interfere.  Meanwhile, Detective Nikki Liska is also letting her personal feelings blind her to the young stepson of the murder victim, who has still not been ruled out as having attacked the judge.

Apparently a lot of people have secrets in their closets.

This is probably my favorite in the series so far.  Judge Carey is a very strong woman, and I liked the way Hoag had her deal with everything that was hitting at once.  Since Kovac’s last romantic interest committed suicide, I kept hoping that something would develop between him and the judge….if she survived.  Liska’s gruff manner and big mouth are hilarious, but you also see a softer side of her in this book.

Definitely a good read.


Re-Read: November 2016


Favorite Quotes from Prior Bad Acts:

“Never underestimate the capabilities of a really determined scumbag.”  “I’ll stitch that on a sampler while I’m recuperating over the weekend.”

“Minnesotans hate zeal,” Elwood said. “Zeal is right up there on the list of suspicious emotional behaviors like joy and despair.”  “Always err on the side of blandness,” Tippen advised.”


About the Author:  Tami Hoag is the #1 internationally bestselling author of more than thirty books published in more than thirty languages worldwide.  She is also known as a top competitive equestrian in the Olympic discipline of dressage. Other interests include the study of psychology,  mixed martial arts fighting, and she used to sing at weddings. 


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