Shock III by Richard Matheson

Shock III: 13 Electrifying Tales

Shock III by Richard Matheson

Originally Published: 1966



Shock III: 13 Electrifying Tales by Richard Matheson.

A collection of the early short stories of a great horror/science fiction writer.  There were four books in the “Shock” Theme.

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy this book, although there were a few notable exceptions: 

Girl of My Dreams tells the story of a woman who can see the future, and how/when you are going to die.  Unfortunately her “other half” uses this gift for extortion.  He gets what he deserves.

Slaughter House is a classic horror story about two brothers who buy a haunted house.  Really good horror.

First Anniversary is about a young couple whose marriage is about to come apart when the man starts losing his senses (literally) when it comes to his wife.

A few others in the book are good, but on the whole, I have enjoyed his other works (I Am Legend in particular) much more. Some of these shorts were so bizarre and laughable that they didn’t seem true horror or science fiction

Read: November 2016
About the Author:  (1926-2013)  Richard Matheson was a prolific writer of novels and short stories, as well as writing for television and the movies.   Many authors praise him and attribute his influence as part of their success, and this includes Stephen King,  Ann Rice and Ray Bradbury.  

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