Reckless Creed by Alex Kava (#3 Ryder Creed)

Reckless Creed (Ryder Creed, #3) 

Reckless Creed by Alex Kava

Published: 2016



Reckless Creed by Alex Kava is the 3rd in the Ryder Creed series.

FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell also figures prominently in this novel.

Creed and his K-9 Search-and-Rescue Dogs are about to face something new.  When he and his Jack Russell Terrier, Grace, find two dead birds in addition to the body of a dead girl, panic starts to rise.  Creed is afraid that Grace may have contacted whatever virus killed the birds.  When Agent Tabor shows up threatening to quarantine/euthanize his entire kennel because of the possibility of bird flu, Creed’s assistant (Hannah) calls Maggie to see if she can help.

Maggie, however, is in Chicago, thinking that the young man that just jumped to his death from the 30th floor, may actually have been murdered.  Then there is the fact that the CDC and Benjamin Platt, director of USAMRIID, also find this death suspicious, and are wearing full protective gear.  When an entire lake ends up covered in dead geese, Maggie finds they may have a serious lead on Dr. Clare Shaw, who disappeared from the North Carolina mud slide with vials containing some deadly viruses.  It looks like Shaw has found a way to spread these diseases from birds to humans.

Perhaps Creed’s work with training his dogs to sniff out sickness can be enhanced, and they can sniff out deadly viruses.  His biggest fear….what if his dogs catch the virus.

This book was a little scary, because it feels real. The bird flu is real. You often hear about different strains of it, and it can jump to humans, although rarely, and usually only through direct contact with the bird, but…  

We all know Alex Kava does her research.  From the Afterword in the book “The bird flu actually hadn’t been seen since the 1950s. It’s believed that the H1N1 flu strain that caused a pandemic in 1977 and continued to mutate and circulate, now for over twenty years, was accidentally released from a lab in Russia or China. Who’s to say that couldn’t happen again?”   Hmmm…

Anyway, the book was good.   Blending characters from two different series is working.   I like the chemistry that continues to build between Maggie and Ryder Creed.  As well, I am enjoying the whole premise of the “dogs to the rescue”.   Of course, my husband and I share our lives with two rescue dogs, so…….


Read: November 2016


Favorite Quotes from Reckless Creed:

“They were willing to risk their own well-being when they believed what they were doing was the right thing. Yes, sometimes it was reckless and dangerous. But there was one major difference—Creed wasn’t willing to risk his dog’s welfare.” 


About the Author:  Alex Kava is the best-selling author of the Maggie O’Dell FBI Series.  This is the third in her series about a K-9 Search & Rescue team lead by human Ryder Creed.  In addition to winning major awards and having her books published in over 30 countries, Alex  Kava is a dog lover with a pack a Westie’s to call her own.  

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