All That Remains by Al Barrera

All That Remains

All that Remains by Al Barrera

Published: 2015



All That Remains by Al Barrera is an apocalyptic tale.

I received this book through Netgalley.  My honest review follows.

Thirteen years ago, something happened.  We are not told what, but extraterrestrials cannot be ruled out.  Whatever it was, it devastated the world, creating zombies of the living, as well as massive creatures of untold origin.  The remaining humans are scavengers, living day to day on whatever they can find, and hiding from the many dangers that await them, including other humans.

Kyle, Sara and Tim are among the living, although every day is a trial, and some days death looks like a good option.  When they find a young girl who tells them that she came from a place in Tennessee where there was safety, skepticism abounds.  But what choice do they really have.  Sara, who has a newfound ability to scan/sense things, is seeing a terrible “being” that she can’t even describe, but terrifies her like nothing else has.

The past is told through flashbacks of the individuals, but a lot of detail is missing.  The book and plot flow well, is quite entertaining, and a fast read, although it left me with questions.  Apparently the author plans on a sequel, which I look forward to, but I think this one could have been a little deeper.  Overall, pretty good.

Read: October 2016


Favorite Quote from All That Remains:

“Right never meant anything if you didn’t let it. The world doesn’t make the rules you live by, Tim; you do. If you start shooting people, you’re no different than them.”


About The Author:  Al Barrera grew up in Michigan, and after joining the Army when he was 18, has now decided to start his writing career.  More books are on the way.



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