Mary Mary by James Patterson (#11 Alex Cross)

Mary, Mary (Alex Cross, #11)

Mary Mary by James Patterson

Published: 2005


Mary, Mary by James Patterson is the 11th in the Alex Cross Mystery Series.

Someone is murdering Hollywood’s elite.  The LA Times is getting an email from “Mary Smith” each time someone is killed.  While FBI Agent Alex Cross is vacationing with his family in California for the first time in years,  he is called to assist in the investigation.  And of course, even though he is with his girlfriend Jamilla, his family from DC, and even his little son Alex, he jumps right in.  Now he is working with the LAPD as well as the FBI to try and solve these murders, which are happening at an alarming rate.  Alex isn’t convinced it is a woman behind the murders.   LA Policewoman Jeanne Gallata is taken off the case when the investigation took them in a direction that had the public starting to take matters into their own hands.  The new man in charge and Alex do not see eye-to-eye.  When a woman is finally taken into custody, Alex is horrified at the way it goes down, but even he has to admit she is the killer.  Or maybe not.

Alex is having a lot of personal and family issues in this one, most of which are his own fault.  Christine has decided to go to court for full custody of little Alex, and she has lots of ammunition that proves his father is not around as much as he should be, and that his family is always placed in danger because of Alex’s job.  His long-distance relationship with Jamilla isn’t working out too well either.  Go figure.  Of course, there is always Jeanne Gallata waiting in the wings, or Dr. Coles back in Washington….

Patterson did a great job on the plot in this one.  With the twists and turns, you aren’t sure who to trust.  Another fast-paced book.   I still don’t like the fact that Alex hops from one woman to the next without batting an eye.  That is ridiculous, and doesn’t ring true for the “dedicated family man” that he is supposed to be.  Other than that, I enjoyed the book.


Re-Read: October 2016


Favorite Quote from Mary Mary:

“Here I was, finally, at the center of the labyrinth. Now it was time to start finding my way back out.”



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