Mr. Monster by Dan Wells (#2 John Cleaver)

Mr. Monster (John Cleaver, #2)

Mr. Monster by Dan Wells

Published: 2010



Mr. Monster by Dan Wells is the 2nd in the John Cleaver series.

In the last book,  John saved his town from a serial killer/demon, although the town doesn’t know about the demon part.   Thankfully his mother was there, and saw the demon die, but she is in denial, and that’s too bad because since his shrink is dead, he has no one else to talk to.  

Trying to lead a normal life before battling the demon was hard for this 16-year old sociopath.  Now John fears he is losing control.  He created rules to prevent him from turning homicidal but broke those rules by killing the demon.  And now he can’t seem to stop breaking his own rules.  With harming animals and burning things out the window, what breaks next?    Feeling as though he is two people,  he wonders if he can combine the “Monster” within and John the guy who is trying to be normal.   Now that there is a new killer in town,  he may have the opportunity to find out, because even demons have friends.

I love this series.  John is a normal teen with both normal and abnormal problems and he doesn’t know the difference.  Wells has created a lovable and teenager to root for.  Some of the conversations are hilarious.  So what if our hero has some weird habits, dreams of torturing the girl next door, and seems to like the family mortuary business a little too much.  Nobody is perfect.

This book is still not for the squeamish.


Favorite Quotes from Mr. Monster:

“Being partially to blame for your own therapist’s death is a tough thing to deal with, especially because you don’t have a therapist any more to help you through it. Sometimes irony just kicks you in the teeth like that.”

“It’s a pretty big shock to realise that the only people you can identify with are psychopathic killers.”

“I’d made a long list of exceptions to cover the area between “ignoring her completely” and “abducting her at knifepoint.”

Re-Read: October 2016




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