A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny (#2 Armand Gamache)

A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #2)

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

Published: 2007



A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny is the 2nd in the Armand Gamache mystery novels.

We are returning to Three Pines, where the very unlikable (and sadistic) CC de Poitiers, a wife and mother, is murdered during the annual curling tournament and fundraiser.  There are plenty of suspects for Chief Inspector Armand Gamache to sort through, as CC has managed to alienate everyone from her family, to her lover, to the residents of Three Pines.  When CC began moving into the old Hadley house, she raised eyebrows, and when she openly criticized her daughter’s magnificent voice for all the villagers to hear, she disgraced herself,  but when she started competing with the local yoga establishment called Be Calm by publishing a book on spirituality (her distorted version) and planning products with the same name, she may have gone too far.  With so many suspects, and so many reasons to dislike her, had CC not been dead, she would have loved the attention.

On the side, and not in his jurisdiction, Gamache is also investigating the death of a vagrant woman in Montreal, known only as “Elle”.  When articles are found with her remains that link back to Three Pines, he wonders who this lost soul really was.

Not only does Gamache have to deal with Yvette Nichol again, he is training Robert Lemieux, and now the Arnot case is coming back to bite him.  His mind is on many things.

I really enjoy reading (re-reading) this series.  The people of Three Pines are quirky, loving, and funny.  The setting is beautiful, and with Gamache and Beauvoir solving all the crimes, my husband and I want to live there.

Favorite Quotes From A Fatal Grace:

“FINE stands for Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Egotistical.  I’m FINE.”

    ” ‘Ring the bells that still can ring,
      Forget your perfect offering,
      There’s a crack in everything,
      That’s how the light gets in.’
He read it out loud. ‘Beautiful. Madame Zardo?’ he asked. ‘No, Leonard Cohen.”

‘Mostly it’s about imperfection and impermanence.   There’s a crack in everything.’

‘Mother is Faith, Em is Hope and Kaye is Charity. I was tired of seeing the Graces always depicted as beautiful young things. I think wisdom comes with age and life and pain. And knowing what matters.’

Re-Read: October 2016

About the Author:  Louise Penny is a Canadian author, born in Toronto, but presently living outside of Montreal.   She was a journalist and radio host for CBC.  Her awards for writing keep coming.  Her beloved husband Michael Whitehead, the former head of Haematology at Montreal Children’s Hospital, passsed away in September of 2016.  He had dementia.


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