The Girl in the Woods by David Jack Bell

The Girl in the Woods

The Girl in the Woods by David Jack Bell

Published: 2009



The Girl in the Woods by David J. Bell.

Diana Greene is an ex-cop, whose life has been seriously disrupted by the disappearance of her sister 5 years ago, and her mothers withdrawal from life.  She carries around a lot of guilt.  Visions of a clearing in the middle of a wooded area plagued her for years, but she thought those were finished.  When a woman who claims to have information about her sister shows up, but will only divulge that information if Diana finds her daughter who went missing 26 years ago, the visions return.

Meanwhile, a teacher that has been studying the folklore of the area and has discovered “The Pioneer Club”, is also searching for a clearing in the woods.

Then there is Roger, who is a little slow, but has lived in the woods for a long time. He knows where the clearing in the woods is, and he uses it.

This is the first book I’ve read by Bell.  It was a fast read, more mystery than supernatural, could have used a little more closure on a few things, but overall was really good.   I think I’ll try something more recent next.


Read: October 2016


About the Author:   David J. Bell was born in Ohio.  This is his second novel.  Currently an Associate Professor of English at Western Kentucky University, he has published 5 or 6 more recent novels.  


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