Stone Rain by Linwood Barclay (#4 Zack Walker)

Stone Rain

Stone Rain by Linwood Barclay

Published: 2007



Stone Rain is the 4th in the Zack Walker comedy/mystery series by Linwood Barclay.

I’m back to being indecisive about this genre.  I really liked the plot of this one, the humour, not so much.

Zack decides to help Trixie, his old dominatrix neighbour, by trying to dissuade Martin Benson, a local tabloid reporter, from running a story on her and “business”.  When Martin turns up dead, tied to a rack and with a cut throat in her basement, Trixie goes on the run.  Zack, a suspect himself, sets out to find her.  He is going to find more than he bargained for.  Trixie has been keeping a lot of secrets.  Between Trixie’s old job as a stripper for a biker gang, his son’s Russian boss who is serving bad food, and his wife who is not pleased with him, Zack will be lucky to make it through this one.

This was very entertaining.  Zack is still an idiot, although his heart is generally in the right place, but I’ve always liked Trixie. 

Read: March 2015

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