Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz (Parts 1,2,3)

Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure

Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz

Published: 2012




Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz is a 3-part novella which was published while we waited for Odd Apocalypse (the next full Odd Thomas book).  I have decided to combine the 3 parts into one review.

First, we all know that Odd, our reluctant hero, often finds himself in precarious positions, but always tries to do the right thing.  Odd also sees ghosts.  They don’t talk to him, but they can sometimes assist him, while he tries to help them move to on.  This “Interlude” does not make use of these ghosts.   This “Interlude” is a little “out-there”.

Part 1

Odd and Annamaria have left Magic Beach, and are headed to Santa Barbara.  Annamaria is trying to convince Odd that he has just saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but Odd only sees the five people he just killed.  Even though he knows these guys were bad, he is struggling with their deaths by his hand.  Travelling down the road, they feel the pull of a small town called Harmony Corner.  There is something strange going on here.  The diner, gas station and rental cottages are all owned by the Harmony family, who live in homes behind the businesses.  Four or five years ago, someone else moved in, but whether this someone else is human is yet to be determined.  So far, all we know is that this “entity” can get into the minds of the residents and make them harm themselves or others, and apparently the next on the list to die is a young girl named Jolie.

Part 2

Odd and Jolie are still in their little bunker hiding from the mind of Hiskott.  When Odd has all the information he can get from Jolie, he leaves her there, where he hopes she will be safe.  Meaning to create a diversion big enough to keep the Harmony people busy so he can sneak up on Hiskott, he steals a semi.  Meanwhile, Jolie is being lead through another door where she is discovering more things about Fort Wyvern, from an unexpected source.  After all the things she has seen in her short life, nothing surprises her anymore.

Part 3

When we left our hero, Odd had just created a diversion with the semi which he stole, and now has to figure out how to get to the main house without being killed by the Harmony family.   But Odd has some new help thanks to Jolie.    So here begins his battle with the atrocity that has taken over the small community of Harmony Corner.   Part scientist from Fort Wyvern, and part something-else, Hiscott is no longer human, but his ability to enter the minds of others to get what he wants may even affect Odd.  Only the vision of Odd’s love, Stormy Llewellyn can save him now.


Koontz has taken Odd on a little detour from his main objective and plopped him into the middle of another mystery. It’s interesting.  I liked the fact that he added the voice of Jolie in this one, and I particularly liked Ed !  Koontz has really entered the science-fiction realm with this one, and pulled it off.  

I’m not sure I like the idea of 3 small books though.  It felt like a money grab from a very well-respected author.  It just didn’t seem right.   In 2013,  all these books were published in one volume.  

I still love Odd Thomas!


Favorite Quotes from Odd Interlude:

Part 1:

“If Superman lost his ability to fly, his strength, his X-ray vision, his imperviousness to blades and bullets, and was left only with his costume and his confidence, he would be of more help to the Harmony family than I am likely to be.”

Part 2:

“…so it is incumbent upon me to act like the adult in the room—or the corridor. I must not scream like a little girl, because the little girl herself isn’t screaming.”

“It’s not such a severe condition that, at the sight of a snake, I’ll commit hara-kiri rather than submit to the fang, but I will probably soil my pants.”

Part 3:

“I guess with artificial intelligence, just like with natural intelligence, there can be a way-creepy side.”

Re-Read: October 2016


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