NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson & Marshall Karp (#2 NYPD Red)

NYPD Red 2 (NYPD Red, #2)

NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson & Marshall Karp

Published: 2014



NYPD Red 2 is the 2nd in the series by James Patterson and Marshall Karp.

The Red Team is called in when the elite of New York are in danger.  Led by Detective Zach Jordan and his partner (and ex-girlfriend) Detective Kylie MacDonald, this book starts out with the pair finding a 4th dead body on a carousel in Central Park.  She has on a Hazmat suit.  Upon further investigation, it seems all the victims may have been guilty of things for which they were never punished.  We have a vigilante on the loose.

With the mayor up for re-election, Zach and Kylie are given extra pressure to solve this case.  Kylie, however, has her mind on something else…

I am struggling with this series.  The plots are fine (although the rich and famous are never going to be a priority for me).  The characters are okay.  But there is something missing.   Also, you’d think they could have come up with a more imaginative title.  Okay, now I’m just being picky.  The saving grace for me is that these are quick-read books, and I don’t have to think too hard.

Read: February 2015

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