The Night Season by Chelsea Cain (#4 Archie Sheridan)

The Night Season (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell, #4)

The Night Season

Published: 2011



The Night Season by Chelsea Cain is the 4th in the Archie Sheridan mystery novels.

In this one, psychotic killer Gretchen Lowell is still in prison, and plays a very small role.

Archie on the other hand, is finally recovering from her abuse.  Out of the psych ward, off pain-killers, both his body and mind are starting to heal.  So now the weather is going to attack him.

The Willamette River is rising, and Portland is flooding.  It’s happened before.  In 1948, a whole housing community got swept away in the Vanport Flood when the residents were not warned in time.  This time the warning was in place, but people are still dying – at the hands of a serial killer with an obsession with Vanport and the blue-ringed octopus.  The killer is using a 9-year old boy who he kidnapped 18 months ago, to bait his victims.  When the target is close enough, he hands them a small octopus which immediately stings and incapacitates them, while the killer enjoys watching them die.  When Archie’s mentor, Henry Sobol is on the receiving end of this bizarre trick, only fast thinking by Claire and Susan keep Henry alive long enough to get him to the hospital.  How many more people will die in this flood before Archie finds this crazed killer?

I love this book, and the series.  In any well-written series, the reader must form an attachment to the characters.  I like how Cain has concentrated on developing Susan’s character in this book.  I feel like she’s growing up.  I also liked the fact that Archie is healing after all he has been through.  It’s a relief to know that he may be strong enough to stand up to Gretchen in the future.  A lot of people are critical of this novel because Gretchen is not involved.  Personally I think she should spend SOME time in jail.  But she is in this book, and let’s face it, she’s always in the back of Archie’s mind.


Favorite Quotes from The Night Season:

The rain on her hood sounded like grease popping in a skillet. It made her crave bacon.

Archie thought of his police-issue Cutlass upstairs, and wondered if he could fit a corpse in the backseat. “Could I use the carpool lane?” he asked.

Archie knew she tried to seem tough. But the rattling skull in her hands told a different story.


Re-Read: October 2016





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