Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Published: 2016



Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is science fiction at its finest.

Be warned.  The next blurb is a bit of a spoiler.  Although there is a lot missing, I couldn’t review this book without revealing some of the details.

Jason Dessen is a physicist who teaches at a local college in Chicago, is married to Daniela (an artist), and has a 15-year old son Charlie.  They both gave up their dreams when Charlie was born, and although they both have some regrets, they are reasonably happy.  Jason goes out to celebrate a former college roomate’s success at the local bar one night, and is on his way home when he is kidnapped.  When he wakes up, he is still our Jason Dessen, but his surroundings and the people who seem to know him, are not familiar.  He is told that he had never married, had no children, worked for a highly secretive company and created a “box” where travelling to alternate worlds is possible, and that he had been gone for months.  This Chicago is not our Jason’s Chicago.  Apparently he had been kidnapped by the Jason in this world, who decided he liked our Jason’s life better.  Now all he wants to do is go home….before the “other” Jason Dessen takes his wife and son away from him.  When he finally escapes in the box, he finds there are many doors to many Chicago’s, and many Jason Dessen’s, all of them just a little different, based on decisions that they had made in their lives.  It appears they all want to get home to Daniela.

Bottom line, this was a good book.  Every now and then it was confusing, but you quickly got back on track.  It was fast-paced, and well written.  It made you think.  Are there other universes out there with another one of me?  What am I doing there?  Will my next decision alter their lives?  Is my next decision even my own?  Interesting book.

All the way through it, the line from Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series — “Go then, there are other worlds than these” kept ringing through my head.  That and Jimmy Stewart’s character from It’s a Wonderful LIfe.


Favorite Quotes from Dark Matter:

“Most astrophysicists believe that the force holding stars and galaxies together—the thing that makes our whole universe work—comes from a theoretical substance we can’t measure or observe directly. Something they call dark matter. And this dark matter makes up most of the known universe.”

“We’re more than the sum total of our choices, that all the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.”

“We all live day to day completely oblivious to the fact that we’re a part of a much larger and stranger reality than we can possibly imagine.”


Read: October 2016


Author Info:   Blake Crouch has written more than a dozen novels, including the international-bestselling Wayward Pines Trilogy, which was adapted into a television series for FOX.  He lives in Colorado with his family.


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