A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava (#1 Maggie O’Dell)

A Perfect Evil (Maggie O'Dell, #1)

A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava

Published: 2000



A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava is the 1st in the FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell Series.

After barely surviving her last case, and her marriage going downhill, Maggie may not be ready for another case yet.  She hasn’t quite come to terms with being held hostage and tortured by Albert Stucky.  But he is in jail now, and duty calls.

Maggie is sent to a small town in Nebraska to help Sheriff Nick Morelli, who had been elected to the post when his father retired.   He didn’t really want the job.    However, right now his town is being terrorized by a madman who is kidnapping and killing young boys, and Nick  will take any help he can get.   This kind of crime is way beyond his expertise, and he willingly admits it.    It turns out his father may have let the town believe that a serial killer had been captured and executed, when he was still on the loose.  With his sister complicating things with her new job as a local crime reporter, and his father back in town to make sure everything runs smoothly,  Nick is at his wits end when Maggie profiles the killer as being someone very important in the community, and above reproach.  When his own nephew is kidnapped, Nick realizes he is going to have to step up.

I love this series. I read and re-read these books. I love Maggie and the way she thinks. I also like the way Kava turned Nick from a womanizer to someone on his way to being human, but honestly the romance angle of this felt a little wrong.  What I did like was that your were pretty sure who did it, but there were definitely other possibilities…right to the end.

A good mystery.


Favorite Quotes from A Perfect Evil:

“And he did like the boy, but then, he had liked them all, chosen them carefully and saved each and every one of them. Delivered them from evil.”

“By inflicting your own evil, you transform them into martyrs. You’re quite a hero. You might even say yours is a perfect evil.”


Re-Read: September 2016


About the Author:  In addition to this best-selling series starring FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell, she has another series with Ryder Creed, an ex-vet who trains Search & Rescue Dogs (with Maggie appearing regularly to help out).   As well, Kava has written a few stand-alone novels and short stories.  She is an avid dog lover.  


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