The Shining by Stephen King (#1 Shining)

The Shining (The Shining, #1)

The Shining by Stephen King

Published: 1977



The Shining by Stephen King is classic King.

It is classic horror.  Jack Torrance is an aspiring writer,  a recovering alcoholic,  and has a very bad temper, which both his wife Wendy,  and his 5 year-old son Danny have seen.  After losing his teaching job, things are looking bleak.  When the opportunity to become the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado arises, Jack jumps at the chance, figuring it will give him the chance to write his play, and to reconnect with his family.  The hotel, however, has a past, and it hasn’t been pretty.  Unknown to his parents, the chef at the Overlook, Dick Hallorann,  takes Danny aside and talks to him about his “shining”.  Dick is telepathic, and sees the same thing in Danny.  He is a little concerned that Danny may see things in the hotel that his parents won’t, so he wanted to prepare him, and although Dick doesn’t think those things can hurt him, he tells Danny to “holler” for him if he needs help.  Danny sees more than any 5 year-old should see.  Before the winter is over, he’ll be “hollering” loud.

This book gets to me every time I read it.  Yes, I re-read it regularly.  The character of Jack Torrance still terrifies me, and the hotel and the grounds are of course, evil and creepy.  But Danny is wonderful, and Dick and Wendy are my heroes.

A sequel to this book was written over 30 years later. That fact says a lot about how well The Shining was received.  We still wanted to know what happened to Danny.


Favorite Quotes by The Shining:

“Me, I’ve always called it shining. That’s what my grandmother called it, too. She had it. We used to sit in the kitchen when I was a boy no older than you and have long talks without even openin our mouths.”

“And in the medicine cabinet mirror, the word REDRUM flashing off and on.”

“This inhuman place makes human monsters.”


Re-Read: 2015



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