Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (#2 Shining)

Doctor Sleep (The Shining, #2)

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Published: 2013



Doctor Sleep by Stephen King is the sequel to The Shining, published over 30 years after that much loved, very scary tale.  We always wondered what happened to 5 year-old Danny Torrance, and Stephen King finally obliged his fans.

This novel is pure King.  Yes, it is horror, but as often happens in King’s tales, it is more about good vs evil and the struggles that everyday people have and rise above.   Loved it!

With the help of Dick Hallorann and his mother Wendy, Danny survived all that happened at the Overlook Hotel, but not without repercussions.  He continued to see the ghosts of that hotel for a long time.  Dick taught him to segment his mind into boxes where he could put his ghosts, and lock them up.  Unfortunately, as Danny grew up, he became his father, an angry alcoholic.  But he was going to prove he was different.  He moved to a small town in New Hampshire, cut his name short to Dan, found AA, and started using his “gift” to help people who were dying.  They called him Doctor Sleep.   As the alcohol cleared his system, his “shining” had returned.   Along the way he formed a psychic bond with a young girl named Abra.   When Abra psychically witnesses the murder of a boy by a group called the True Knot, her life becomes their target.  The group feeds on the “steam” which is created when someone with the shining is in pain and dying.  In order to save Abra, and perhaps himself, Dan is going to have to revisit the Overlook, unlock some of the boxes and let out the demons.

WOW, Stephen King nailed it in this book.  Of course poor little Danny couldn’t grow up into a well-adjusted young man without going through hell first.  I still wanted to hug him (or occasionally slap him early on), but I still love him.


Favorite Quotes from Doctor Sleep:

“FEAR stands for fuck everything and run.    —  Old AA saying”

“There came a time when you realized that moving on was pointless. That you took yourself with you wherever you went.”

“Death was no less a miracle than birth.”

Read: 2015

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