What’s So Funny? by Tim Conway

What's So Funny?: My Hilarious Life

What’s So Funny? by Tim Conway

Published: 2013




What’s So Funny by Tim Conway is the memoir of a very funny man known for his comedic performances on the Carol Burnett Show,  The Apple Dumpling Gang, McHales Navy, and more.

My first thought when I saw the book was his crazy “Dentist” scene with Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett Show.  I can laugh without even seeing it again.  Tim Conway leaves that kind of impact – over 40 years later.   He could play it so straight, while everyone around him laughed….and that was his goal.  His quick wit, and ability to ad-lib kept everyone in stitches, including his fellow actors, who often had a hard time following along.

Although I am not a real biography reader, certain people hold my interest.  Tim Conway’s book is full of anecdotes of his crazy life, some laugh-out-loud funny.  We find out a lot of details about his early years and jobs, about the people he worked with, and the people that he thinks are funny.   He has worked with some amazing people!


Things I didn’t know:  

His name was actually Tom.  He has won 6 Emmys.  He wanted to be a jockey.

Go figure!


Read: September 2016

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