Reading Concerns


I have loved reading since I was a child.    All those mysteries to solve, all those worlds to travel in,  all those characters to love or hate.    Throughout my life, books have been the one constant.   Now, in my retirement, I have time to fully enjoy them.   But now,  I have a few problems.

First, there are too many  books.  Way too many books.  There are those I’ve already read, but which deserve to be re-read,  or re-re-read….   Then,  there are all these new books to read, and some genres which I haven’t even tried (yet).  

Second, there are too many authors.   There are my favorites, which of course deserve constant re-reading of their old books, and  of course, all their new books.  Then there are brand new authors…a whole world of new authors, more born every day!   How do I choose?

Third,  I found that I have a real appreciation for books in a “series” — imagine the same characters in every book — they are like a new family!   I can’t wait for the next book to come out, but then the dilemma arises — should I read the last one to remind myself where we are?  Should I start over at Book One again?   Do I plunge into the new one praying I’ll remember everything from books one through 598?  Oh, the quandary. 

Then, there’s the fear that I’ll die before I’ve read that special book one more time,  or that the series will live longer than I will,  or that my favorite authors will out-live me.   OMG, what if I’m in the middle of a good book?


It is a little over-whelming.

Think I’ll go find something to read.



2 thoughts on “Reading Concerns

  1. Adam says:

    Taken another way, that can be a source of comfort. I can’t help but think of a scene from 28 Days Later, where one of the characters reflects that, “Every book has been written.”
    We live in a world where new stories are constantly being created and shared. With so many in the world, the odds of finding that “special story” that you’re looking for go way up.
    There have definitely been times where I worried that I might run out of “good stories” to read, but through the modern telecommunication/information age, the wealth of opportunities is staggering. Granted, an overabundance of choices can bring its own challenges, but I think of the two, I’d rather have too many options than too few.


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