Misery by Stephen King


Misery by Stephen King

Published: 1987



Misery by Stephen King tells the story of Paul Sheldon, the best-selling author of historical romances,  and Annie Wilkes,  his “Number One Fan”.

Annie “rescues” Paul after he has a car accident, and takes him back to her home to heal. After all, she was a nurse at one time, so his dislocated pelvis, crushed knee and shattered legs are no big deal.  Of course with the way she set his legs, he may be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but that’s okay, she can keep him comfortable.   Annie also decides he can continue writing at her home just as well as anywhere else, so she doesn’t let him leave.  Of course he will need privacy, so let’s not tell anyone where he is, cause we sure don’t want visitors.

Locked in his room with a typewriter and a ream of paper, now drug-dependent, and “Annie-dependent”,  Paul is told to bring back Misery Chastain,  Annie’s favorite character, and who Paul had just killed off in his last book.  Annie is crazy, and Annie is a serial killer, but Annie knows what she wants.  Paul eventually learns to play along, although he continually tries to escape.  Unfortunately, when Annie discovers that he has been leaving his room during her absences, she does a little more than just withhold his drugs.

This is a wonderfully scary book about a “fan” that has gone too far.  Stephen King makes you feel like you are suffering with Paul.  He makes you feel the horror of Annie coming into the room with her ax.  Hobbling does not sound like fun.  Love this book (I even liked the movie).


Favorite Quotes from Misery:

“There may be fairies, there may be elves, but God helps those who help themselves.”

“I thought you were good, but you are not good. You are just a lying old dirty birdie.”

“She was a woman full of tornadoes waiting to happen”


Re-Read: 2015



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