Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain (#3 Archie Sheridan)

Evil at Heart (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell #3)

Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

Published: 2011



Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain is the 3rd in the Archie & Gretchen saga.

It’s been over two months, and Gretchen is still on the run. Henry and the team are trying to find her.

Archie has checked himself into the “suicide watch ward” of the hospital. He is off painkillers, and he can leave any time, but he’s comfortable, so every day he tells them that he’s still a threat to himself.  Debbie has moved to Vancouver, but she brings the kids every Wednesday. He’s okay with that.  Archie & Gretchen had a deal.  He won’t kill himself as long as she doesn’t kill anyone.  So far so good.

Susan visits every day, but Archie refuses to see her. She is planning a book on the fact that Gretchen is a celebrity to a lot of people.  Between the magazine covers, the Run Gretchen t-shirts, the heart-shaped keychains that are keeping track of how long she’s been on the loose, and the new fan clubs that are springing up, Susan figures she has lots of information for a book.

When eyeballs turn up in a washroom with graffiti pointing to Gretchen, and then Susan finds a body with the trade-mark heart carved in it, Archie starts paying attention. Is Gretchen back, or has one of Susan’s fan clubs gone a little too far.  In the middle of things is Jeremy Reynolds, one of the few that Gretchen let go after killing his sister, although she never admitted to that.  Archie wants to rescue Jeremy before Gretchen gets him again.

These books are not for the squeamish, but I must say the interplay between the characters can be hilarious.  I am thoroughly enjoying the series (again).


Favorite Quotes From Evil at Heart:

“Great. First the anonymous call. Now letters. Body parts all over town. It was like a scavenger hunt for psychos. Running after clues with a half-deranged, serial-killer-obsessed, recovering-addict cop was not a good idea. Then again…”

“They’d named the Taser after an old kids’ adventure book: Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle. They’d added the a. It was the kind of useless trivia that Susan would want to know.   He felt bad he’d never told her.”

“Archie felt something. But it wasn’t pain—it was loathing. And for the first time in years, it wasn’t directed inward. He loathed her. He wanted Jeremy to keep going. He wanted to hear every gory detail. Because every horror she committed just made him hate her more.”


Re-Read: September 2016

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