The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson (#9 Alex Cross)

The Big Bad Wolf  (Alex Cross, #9)

The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson

Published: 2003




The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson is the 9th in the Alex Cross Detective Series.

Cross has finally joined the FBI, and he’s not overly impressed. He is used to being in charge, and doing things his own way (which is often why he was in trouble with the police department).  His training is not going well, as he and his instructor don’t get along.  His first case is also a nightmare.  There are kidnappings occurring all over the country, but no ransoms are being requested.  It soon becomes evident that these people are being bought and sold, by someone who goes by the name “The Wolf”.  They find a website where you can put in your order, and The Wolf will deliver.  Tracking him back and forth across the country, the FBI think they have him a couple of times, but he has covered his tracks well. 

This case ends up putting Alex’s whole family in danger….again.   Timing couldn’t be worse, because ex-fiancee Christine is back in Alex’s life, but that isn’t good either.

Another fast read, and although these books aren’t deep, they are good, action-packed crime novels.



Re-Read: September 2016

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