Inferno by Dan Brown (#4 Robert Langdon)

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)

Inferno by Dan Brown

Published: 2013



Inferno by Dan Brown is the 4th novel involving Harvard University Symbologist Robert Langdon.

This one has Langdon waking up in a hospital in Italy with no knowledge of the last few days. His doctor, Sienna Brooks, after informing him he has a concussion from a bullet grazing his head, has to save his life again when the assassin shows up at the hospital. While they try to lay low, evidence starts piling up that the U.S. consulate may be trying to kill him, and as usual he doesn’t know who he can trust.  When he finds a bio-hazard cylinder in his jacket pocket with a version of Botticelli’s Map of Hell inside it and a message regarding finding the truth through the eyes of death, Robert and Sienna end up racing through the city and end up re-tracing his steps from the past few days.  Apparently he had been quite busy.

Brown was back on track with this one.  Of course, with all his books, you have the lovers and the haters.  But if you remember he is writing fiction, you will probably enjoy the book.  I find it funny that with so many people hating his books, they are always on the bestseller list!


Favorite Quotes from Inferno:

“The decisions of our past are the architects of our present.”

“Remember tonight…for it’s the beginning of forever. – Dante Alighieri”

“Dante’s poem, Langdon was now reminded, was not so much about the misery of hell as it was about the power of the human spirit to endure any challenge, no matter how daunting.”


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