Son by Lois Lowry (#4 The Giver)

Son (The Giver Quartet, #4)

Son by Lois Lowry

Published:  2012



Son by Lois Lowry is the 4th and final installment of The Giver Series.

This book tells the story of “Claire” a young girl from Jonas’ original village, who was given the assignment of Birth Mother, and of course had her child taken to be raised by others.  The baby was Gabe, and we know Jonas took him from the community.

Claire is a young mother in search of her child, who will do whatever it takes to find him.  It is the story of love, devotion, sacrifice.

This is also the story of Gabe, who is a young man who always wondered who his mother was, and may get the opportunity before it is too late.

Son is the conclusion to an epic series that fills you with peace.  It shows that struggles can have rewards, and peace can be found.  Lowry ties all four books together with Gabe as the centerpiece.  It has been a very interesting and thought-provoking tale of good and evil, of looking at different ways of life in different villages, and realizing that different “cultures” can live together.

It has been a very good series.


Favorite Quotes from Son:

“Fear dims when you learn things.”

“Go, ” he said. “This is your journey, your battle. Be brave. Find your gift. Use it to save what you love.”

Read: December 2015




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