Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry (#2 The Giver)

Gathering Blue (The Giver Quartet, #2)

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Published: 2000



Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is the 2nd in The Giver Series.

Note that it is not exactly a continuation of Jonas’s story, but the story of Kira, who is living in the same time period, although not the same village.

Kira, a young girl with a deformed leg, becomes an orphan, and rather than be put out into the fields to die by the beasts, one of the council members (Jamison) votes that she can stay in the Edifice, where she will put her embroidery/weaving talent to use by repairing the robe which is used to tell the story of Man and civilization through intricate pictures.  Her young friend Matt comes to visit her often.  She is taught to enhance her talents by an older lady, Annabella, who lives outside the village, and shows Kira how to dye the threads.  The only colour they cannot make is blue.  Kira’s talents however, are going way beyond anything anyone is teaching her, as her hands seem to have a skill all their own.  Kira meets Thomas in the Edifice, who is also an orphan and is putting his carving talent to use on the Singer’s staff, which also helps tells the story of Man.  When they find another small orphan girl, Jo, behind a locked door in the basement, they realize she is being trained to be the new Singer, and perhaps they are all a little more “captive” then they thought.  Once a year, the “singer”, using the intricately carved staff, and wearing the robe, sings a very long song which tells the tale of how man’s imperfections have created the world they now live in.  Kira’s story further develops when Matt brings a man back to Kira, wearing a blue shirt.

This is a wonderfully flowing tale of a different time. In so many ways it is harsher, yet the compassion that Kira has and her constant determination to do what is right, shows that there is hope for this world.


Favorite Quotes from Gathering Blue:

“Take pride in your pain,” her mother had always told her. “You are stronger than those who have none.

“The blue was gathered in her hand, and she could feel it quiver, as if it had been given breath and was beginning to live.”

Read: December 2015



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