The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

The Colorado Kid

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

Published: 2005




The Colorado Kid by Stephen King is one of those books you either love or hate. King admits that there will be very few that take the middle ground on this one.  But of course, I do.  I see both the good and the bad in it.  

On another note, the people that don’t like the book because of the cover….I don’t get that.  Yes, the cover looks like a PI Detective novel involving some “dame” in the 30’s or 40’s, none of which applies, but….who cares…I don’t spend a whole lot of time reading covers.

Okay, the story is about young 22-year old Stephanie, who is doing a summer internship at a small newspaper on an island off the coast of Maine.  She thinks she may like to stay. Vince, the 90-year old founder of the paper, and 65-year old Managing Editor Dave, sit down one afternoon and tell her about an incident that had happened 25 years ago.  They tell her about a stranger who was found resting against a garbage can on the beach, who had apparently choked to death on a piece of meat.  He had no identification.  With little to go on, Dave and Vince finally figure out who he is.  But the mystery of his death, and why he was so far from home, remains unsolved.  That is the problem.  

I will paraphrase from the book, but stories that have a beginning, a middle and an end are happy stories.  This one missed the ending, so people don’t like it.

This is not King’s traditional horror. Stephen King wrote this for a specific publisher, Hard Case Crime.  I think it is the first one he wrote, although he has since written other mysteries.  So the reason people hate it…there is no solution.  The reason I liked it…there is no solution.  It makes you think.

Personally, because I am a King fan, I like to think we were dealing with parallel worlds and time travel. But that’s just me….I have to have a solution, even if I create my own.


Favorite Quotes from The Colorado Kid:

“Now Steffi—I’d done okay through most of the autopsy, but right about then I started feeling decidedly chuck-upsy.”

“We may have been little newspapermen back in ’81, and we may be little old newspapermen now, but we ain’t dead little old newspapermen.”


Re-Read: August 2016

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