Betrayal by Gregg Olsen (#2 Empty Coffin)

Betrayal (Empty Coffin, #2)

Betrayal by Gregg Olsen

Published: 2012



Betrayal by Gregg Olsen is the 2nd in the Empty Coffin Series.

Although written for the “Young Adult” audience, these books are mysteries.  And although they may not be as deep as some, a good mystery can be enjoyed by those of any age. I would know.

When young foreign exchange student Olivia Grant is bludgeoned to death at a Halloween party, all eyes are suddenly focused on the young hostess Brianna and her boyfriend Drew. As a very self-centered teenager, Brianna does nothing to help her cause. Enter the Ryan twins. Hayley and Taylor are sure they can solve the crime.

However, the twins are having some issues of their own. They still have not convinced their mom to tell them all she knows about their special gift. When Taylor finds some newspaper clippings about her Mom as a child, they realize that there are a lot of things she hasn’t told them.  How far can they go to get the answers.

Gregg Olsen has hit a mark with this series.  Although fiction, he uses similarities to true events to develop the plots, which makes them very believable. Of course his writing style helps too!  A lot of twists and turns keep you guessing.


Read: August 2016

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